Spending Time With Your Child

Spending quality time with your child tells your child how much you care and love them. If you are going through a season where you are exceptionally busy you may need to pencil your child into your daily schedule. Daily deposits pay off over time. Read a book to your child or take him/her out for ice cream and talk show interest in their lives. Here are 30 ways to spend time with your child. My suggestion would also be to ask your child what is on his/her heart and if he/she had a choice to spend a date night with you what would that look like.

1. Take your child to the library, let them pick out some books, read with your child or sit beside them while they’re reading
2. Take your child out for ice cream or a special treat, sit and talk with them ask them how they’re day was, how they’re friends are, show interest in their lives.
3. Surprise your child with tickets to the movies or a sporting event
4. Play hide and go seek
5. Play a board game or put a puzzle together
6. Go for a bike ride
7. Take your child to the park. The park is free and you can both get some sun and enjoy fresh air
8. Build a fire outside, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows
9. Take a drive, a mini road trip, play eye spy and listen to tunes together
10. Jump rope
11. Go roller skating or ice skating together
12. Go horse-back riding
13. Rake leaves and jump into them
14. Have a family movie night. Get in your pajamas, pop popcorn, get some snacks and cuddle up together on the couch.
15. Make up a song or a funny story together
16. Go for a hike together
17. Go swimming
18. Pick flowers and make flower arrangements
19. Have a egg or potato sack race
20. Go to the bank and open a savings account, explain compound interest and the importance of saving.
21. Watch old home movies
22. Bust out the karaoke and take turns picking out one another’s songs to sing.
23. Play a game of charades
24. Bake cookies together
25. Plan and execute a fancy dinner with a tablecloth, candles, and china.
26. Have a scavenger hunt
27. Don’t wait till Easter! Have a egg hunt in the backyard
28. Put together a craft kit: gingerbread house, quilt, or bird house
29. Put on a play with costumes and props
30. Volunteer at a food bank or pick up trash together