Mindfulness: Mindfulness is simply the art of paying attention. It requires that we slow down and learn to bring stillness to our busy minds.

What do I see?

What do I smell?

What do I hear?

What do I feel?

*Use all your senses to stay present in the moment.

Pay attention to the present. Do not be distracted by the past. We cannot go back in time and yesterday is gone. We can only plan and dream of the future. Every day and moment is a gift and tomorrow is not guaranteed. By staying in the present we can enjoy life more. We can enjoy our family and friends more, taste the flavors of our food more,listen more carefully, feel the breeze blow, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. When we are mindful we stay focused on the here and now. We can put aside worries of tomorrow and release hurts of the past.

Mindful meditation:
1. Locate a quiet spot, limited in noise and distractions
2. Sit upright in a chair or crosslegged on the floor, tall posture like your being dangled from a string. Stay tall and elongated our posture effects our mind.
3. Close your eyes and quiet your mind
4. Breathe in and out, staying focused on slow, deep belly breaths
5. Let all your stress, anxiety, and worries go
6. Tighten your toes, then calves, letting all muscle tensions and stress go releasing all tightness in the body all the way up to your head.

Mindful people are thankful and show gratitude for all the blessings in their life.

Mindful people accept themselves for who they are and embrace their imperfections inside and out.

Mindful people are able to forgive themselves and others for big or small mistakes.

Mindful people are kind, nurturing, empathetic with others, and practice compassion.

Mindful people are willing to be vulnerable, opening themselves up to trusting others and themselves.

Mindful people show gratitude and give grace.

Mindful people live in the moment and accept change and that things come and go.